Broadcast & Live Production

Building robust systems for live events, sports, news, and television. Key Code Media consistently designs, installs, and supports integrated systems with customer success top-of-mind. Whether it be camera systems, TV studios, control rooms, flypacks- our team will help turn your vision into an easy-to-use system.


Capture moments with precision using Key Code Media’s top-tier Broadcast, PTZ, and Cinema camera brands. Get the most out of your camera with seamless integration of add-ons, that are easy to use. Choose Key Code Media for unparalleled quality in camera systems, delivering excellence in every frame.
Elevate your TV studio experience with Key Code Media’s cutting-edge solutions. From corporate video studios to TV news production, our user-friendly solutions surpass industry requirements, ensuring seamless operations for unmatched performance.
Our seasoned professionals specialize in the design and implementing state-of-the-art Control Room technology that meets your budget and needs. From video switchers and graphics to audio, communication systems, replay systems, and ingest & playout, trust Key Code Media to seamlessly build and optimize every aspect of your control room.
Explore a spectrum of microphones, acoustics, and PA systems tailored to your space, staff, and budget. Let Key Code Media guide you in discovering the perfect audio setup for an unforgettable live experience.
Elevate your live events with Key Code Media’s Intercom System Solutions. Beyond mere headphones and a box, intercom communications form the backbone of seamless connectivity among talent, directors, producers, and control rooms. Let us handle the intricacies—supplying, setting up hardware, and offering expert recommendations on party line configurations. Your communication network is simplified and optimized.
Transform your broadcast with Key Code Media’s Live Graphic Solutions. Our real-time, designer-friendly graphics systems ensure stunning visuals that captivate both television screens and jumbotrons alike. Elevate your production with graphics that leave a lasting impression with systems that meet your budget and needs.
Key Code Media’s expertise lies in designing and specifying top-tier flypack, case, and mobile solutions for broadcast and production teams. Strike the perfect balance between function, space, and swift setup with our carefully curated mobile solution, including foam-padded dividers and a travel-ready case designed for seamless transitions between productions.
Craft seamless slow-motion replays, highlight compelling game-break moments, and captivate your live audience with multi-channel replay systems. Key Code Media carries the top brands, providing unparalleled flexibility, power, and intuitive systems. Beyond the live event, Key Code Media is your go-to for ‘live-to-disk’ editing applications in both studio and venue settings. Elevate your productions with our cutting-edge technology and expertise.
Our real-time ingest solutions effortlessly create multiple file formats, bridging the gap between live events and post-production. Streamline your workflow with our cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless content creation and delivery.
We specialize in providing lighting and lighting control for production environments, staying ahead of trends with a focus on flexible LEDs and future-proof DMX control. Trust us to enhance your studio’s ambiance, ensuring optimal lighting for every production.
Our video switcher brands effortlessly integrate multiple sources—cameras, graphics, and external feeds—ensuring a comprehensive and engaging visual experience. With smooth transitions, real-time processing, and distinct preview and program outputs, directors can execute transitions flawlessly. The Key Code Media team can help you design build the switcher that works best for your application and budget.
Key Code Media doesn’t just provide teleprompters; we offer end-to-end solutions, handling integration, and training for seamless operation. From delivering visual text to talent to ensuring the perfect scroll, our expertise transforms your productions into polished and professional showcases.
Real-time monitoring of broadcast, stream, or file-based output. A show-saver when there is no margin for error. Key Code Media carries the top brands and can assist in setting up Video QC for a live production workflow.

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