Post Production Integration

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A successful Post-Production system integration design requires an understanding of file-based workflow- from editing and finishing suites, to ADR and mix rooms. Content creation businesses must be efficient and reliable throughout the creation process. A good post-production system integrator must provide both the tools and the network infrastructure for users to share media and collaborate without duplicate data through a SAN network.

Are you looking to building or service an audio post suite, video post suite, color room, shared-storage system, or an in-house network? Key Code Media is your best choice for getting system integration done right. We provide both design and install services for small-and-large post-production businesses for over 20 years. Our team of engineers works closely with manufacturers, such as Avid, Adobe, and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve teams.

Together we develop the best tools necessary for post-production collaboration- creating the highest quality workflow for video and audio content creation. Learn more about our certified partnerships, financing systems, and education programs.



The Latest NLE Technology from Adobe Premiere Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, and Solutions for Color, Finishing, and VFX


Shared Storage For Teams & Archive 


Audio Mixing Consoles, Monitors, Acoustic Paneling, Audio Workstations

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Our Process



Project management is where Key Code Media truly excels. We have developed several processes and tools to ensure your project is correctly managed to complete the integration to your satisfaction. We are well organized with a series of defined processes and open communication when managing the project. The entire project is mapped out in our project management software with every step and resource planned down to the hour.



Typically, other integrators use different staff for configuring and testing your systems (completely different from the staff that designed and engineered your system). Our team leaders for design and engineering are also the ones that work on configuration and testing. The team understands the workflow, the engineering, the cabling path and all the specified equipment. The end result is a fully tested and configured system, as planned for in the master design.



The first and most important step towards realizing the vision you have for your project is to analyze every aspect of your existing Workflow and Process. We identify everything that works and does not work to insure we maximize the effectiveness of all solutions without damaging those aspects that are most important to you.



The integrator needs to be the coach when training your staff. The Key Code training teams do just that. They understand the workflow and how each step in the workflow affects the next step(s). We coach your team to master the systems we integrate.



Before a single product is selected, we define and document your required Workflow, Outcomes, and Economic Objectives. This process builds a clear roadmap that enables an unparalleled ability to evaluate solutions without bias for anything other than your objectives. We avoid the pitfalls of focusing on a specific manufacturer too early in the process and designing with blinders on.



At Key Code Media we understand that no amount of planning can completely prepare your staff for that first week of going live with your new workflow. That is why we provide Launch Support to insure that the engineers who designed and installed your systems are standing right next to your staff during the initial days of live use.



Key Code Media is made up of the most talented individuals in our industry. We design and engineer reliable, robust, budget-conscious solutions that provide an upgrade path for future growth.



We build upon strong design and engineering principles and take great pride in performing the highest quality work. Every cable is labeled properly, crimped and soldered using industry-standard tools. Cables are tightly and neatly dressed in the racks and wire troughs with service loops for easy access and maintenance. At the completion of the install, every cable and connector is tested to assure quality and reliability.



Key Code Media is there for you to provide long-term support for your system. Depending upon the support package you choose, we offer a range of options for you. We understand that your business relies on this infrastructure continuously and our goal is to make sure that it is operating smoothly. As a leading Systems Integrator, we have had tremendous responsibilities supporting some of the most complex environments in our industry. As a result, we have developed what is considered the best customer support program in the business.