What is LiveU 360°? All-Inclusive Live Video Subscription Service

LiveU 360° is not a new product. Not a rental. Not a lease either. It’s a subscription package with everything you need. LiveU 360° is an all-new video equipment subscription service, which includes a LiveU field unit, unlimited cellular data plans, video receivers, popular add-on services like IP Pipe, DataBridge, Cloud Management software, and Audio Connect, equipment insurance, and that troubleshooting LiveU support plan. Now you’re paying a cost-efficient monthly expense with all the cellular field units and features you need! Successfully run multiple shows with high-quality roaming camera feeds up to 1080p- and even 4K- with full functionality being produced remotely. LiveU 360° has flexible plans depending on your needs and budget. Let’s take a look at the new LiveU 360°. Key Code Media is a dealer for LiveU equipment and services. Contact us if you would like to schedule a demo, receive pricing information or just evaluate LiveU within your production systems.  

What is LiveU 360°?

The LiveU 360° monthly subscription plan comes in two options- 360° Essential and 360° Premium. Each subscription includes either a LU300, LU600, or LU800 all-in-one production-level field unit. In addition to the field unit, LiveU includes unlimited cellular data (6 modems included), a LiveU video receiver, all premium LiveU production tools (IP Pipe, DataBridge, Audio Connect, Tally Light*), and a platinum support plan. The support plan is an especially nice touch- providing production teams access to a LiveU technician that can remotely log in and set up any configurations needed to make your production a success.  

What is the difference between LiveU 360° Essential & Premium?

The difference between 360° Essential and 360° Premium comes down to application. If you are in need of bitrates optimized for Sports production, PRO2 or PRO4 multi-cam, or 4K resolution- the 360° Premium likely the best option. If you do not need one of those items- a 360° Essential plan should be fine.  

What are my next steps?

If you’re interested in learning more about LiveU 360° subscription plan- contact Key Code Media.

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