KCRW Builds New State-of-The-Art Radio Broadcast and Media Headquarters

KCRW recently relocated from the basement of a building on the Santa Monica College main campus, to a new state-of-the-art $38-million headquarters at Santa Monica College’s new Center for Media and Design. This new facility is a culmination of 11 years of fundraising, designing, installing, integrating, and training by KCRW staff and the partners involved in the project. At the heart of the design was a $6 million dollar upgraded radio and broadcast infrastructure- built to increase collaboration and provide staff the necessary equipment to bring their station into the digital age.

KUSA Installs Panasonic PTZ Robotic Camera System

Key Code Media installed a new robotic camera in the “Backyard” and upgrading the camera robotics system in the newsroom. Most recently, they added four Panasonic robotic point-of-view cameras. This provides greater shot variety in the newsroom without having to move hardware.

KQKD / Christian Television Network Builds New Broadast Facility

Key Code Media built a new master control for CTN Rocky Mountain in Greenwood Village, CO. Key Code Media engineered, designed, and installed the new facility. Rocky Mountain CTN creates and distributes media that enriches lives and prompts people to think about the purpose of their existence.

Denver Center for the Performing Arts Upgrades To 4K Capture And Streaming

Key Code Media supplied the 4K cameras and other broadcast equipment used by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) to capture and transmit HD content from the DCPA to locations around the world via “The Switch.” The Switch is a customer-controlled video switching service available in major media markets in the US and […]

TV Tacoma Upgrades Audio, Video, and Television Broadcast Systems

The TV Tacoma project included the replacement of all Audio, Video and Television Broadcast Systems equipment with new High Definition (HD 1080P) and Digital Audio Equipment. The project included integration, installation, cabling, fiber, and technical furniture. Plans, designs & commissioning were for 4 areas: Master Control Center, Council Chambers & Chambers Control, Studio & Studio […]

Supersphere: 12G Multi-Geometry Flypacks for Live VR/360°

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is proving to be a prolific new form of online video as well as a new cash source for content creators. Part of what makes it profitable is the underlining complexity of producing immersive 360° and 180º video feeds for Oculus, GearVR, Vive, and VR-compatible mobile devices.   At the forefront […]

The Ocean Cleanup: Streaming MultiCam From The Bay

The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating the world’s oceans of plastic, is taking an important step forward in the fight against pollution with the deployment of its first ocean cleanup system this month. To celebrate the launch, The Ocean Cleanup hosted an ambitious live broadcast with several LiveU connected camera points, switched by […]