Post Production Workflow in 2021: Hybrid Teams and Management

  In this blog and video, the Key Code Media team takes a look at the landscape for creative video editing and finishing workflow products currently used to build or upgrade post production workflows in 2021. When I think of the state of Post Production in 2021, I can’t help but think of the words “it’s complicated.” No two companies are doing it exactly the same. Some have their editors and producers working completely remotely. Others have everyone in the office- quarantined to the edit bays. Some have clients visiting in person, while others won’t let anyone enter the building until 2022- client or creative staff. In the panel discussion, the team discusses key topics video teams are considering- what part of the post production process do you still keep on-premise? What part of the post production process do you put up into the cloud? Has the essential media production workflow fundamentally changed? Ie. capture, ingest, edit, finish, manage, review & approve, deliver, and archive. Our goal is to help your team make better decisions while researching the equipment, the workflow, and the deployment of the right technology in your production. If you need help building out or improving your post production workflow- don’t hesitate to contact Key Code Media.  

What are the essential parts of a Post Production workflow for teams?

  • Shared Storage – One thing that separates collaborative teams post production workflow, from an independent editor, is the sharing of files, media, and creative assets. With dozens of storage choices, it becomes easy to get lost in all the various technical details when selecting the right solution. Storage solutions include SAN storage, NAS storage, SSDs, spinning disk, LTO tape, cloud, and deep archive. Some examples of common on-prem shared storage products for video teams would be
    • Examples of on-premises Shared Storage Key Code Media offers:  Avid Nexis, SNS EVO, Editshare EFS, Facilis Hub, and Quantum Stornext.
  • Camera Ingest & Media Management – Often, you have television shows with fast turnarounds or marketing departments that need to start editing promo cuts on the fly. If you have a host of editors and producers just waiting for the media to be available, be organized, and searchable through metadata. There are a variety of products and methodologies to ingesting camera files either streaming live or as a card or drive dump. There are also media management products that will help people organize files/media, project spaces, and search.
    • Examples of Live and Camera Ingest products Key Code Media offers: Avid FastServe, and Telestream Content Agent/Card Agent.
    • Examples of Media Asset Management Key Code Media offers: CatDV, Frame i.o., SNS Sharebrowser, IPV Curator, Editshare Flow
  • Video & Finishing Edit Systems – When it comes to editing and color suites, we’re typically talking about a few different elements – the workstation (Mac, PC, or even Linux), reference monitors, audio, control surfaces, and their network connectivity to the edit workstation. Typically, your choice will be driven by the requirements outlined by the customer, the editing software required, the type of media you’re editing, and the network in the building.
  • Cloud and Hybrid Solutions For Teams – Some Post Production managers are looking for affordable and secure ways of having teams operate seamlessly in the office and at home- a hybrid workflow. Others are trying to figure out the safest way to get people editing in the office. While a few are all-in, closing the office and trying to have their entire team work remote- via the cloud.
    • Examples of Cloud Storage providers Key Code Media offers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), BackBlaze, Wasabi, and Seagate Lyve.
    • Examples of Cloud Solution providers Key Code Media offers: Avid Media Composer | Cloud, storageDNA Fabric, LucidLink, HP ZCentral Remote Boost, Teradici, IPV Curator, and Seagate.
  • Review & Approve – Certainly one of the biggest changes we’ve seen is in the client review and approval. What used to be a meeting in the office, sitting in front of a color-graded monitor- is in some cases now done via a hyperlink to a private YouTube video. There’s a variety of solutions out there from the dirty-and-cheap review and approval- with export and link to larger productions creating color-accurate virtual meetings with multiple stakeholders.
    • Examples of Review & Approve Solutions Key Code Media Offers: Streambox, Teradici, IPV Curator, Vimeo Enterprise.
  • Archive – Back up your files early (at ingest), and back up files and projects often. Video productions are no longer faced by just hard drive failure- but ransomware attacks that take down an entire facility. Luckily, there are a few affordable ways to archive on LTO or the cloud.  And remember,  you need to think of backups for Disaster Recovery,  and Active Archive too-    Data ends up your most valuable asset
    • Examples of Archive Solutions Key Code Offers:  Spectra Logic, Scale Logic, StorageDNA, Quantum Scalar

How Can Key Code Media Help With Post Production Workflows?

Key Code Media has been the preferred U.S. reseller and integrator for the post production industry for 20 years. Our engineer team is experienced in helping companies design, install, upgrade, and maintain the technology necessary to operate a ‘well-oiled machine.’ A post production that just works- so your team can focus on the creative, while we handle the shared storage, edit suites, color suites, audio suites and asset management equipment- either hosted on-prem, but also in the cloud and hybrid methods as well. Key Code Media also sells and supports post production equipment solutions- including solutions for Adobe, Avid, Blackmagic Design, Telestream, SNS, Quantum, AWS, StorageDNA, Lucidlink, Scale Logic, Spectra Logic, Cinedeck, HP, Apple/Mac, AWS, BackBlaze, and more.

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