Asset Management & Automation

Why Key Code Media for Asset Management & Automation?

The cost of Labor constitutes the single highest expense within Media and Entertainment.  Locating assets of all types, copying files with old school OS drag and drop methods.  Defining, performing, and maintaining deliverable workflows.   These all take time, drag on personnel already busy wearing multiple hats, and slow your business down.   Key Code Media is focused on software and hardware solutions that address these core inefficiencies, moving these tasks off the workload of your human staff.  This, so that organizations can maximize media usage, as well as focus on the more creative tasks, without concern that your primary media manager is taking a week off in the Bahamas.

Key Code Media works with clients in media, entertainment, advertising, corporate,  stadiums, broadcast networks, local governments, call letter stations, and houses of worship – and through our almost 20  years in this space, we’ve become quite knowledgeable in building bespoke processes and procedures unique to your particular type of business.  Through continuous refinement and technology certification, our consulting and design division has mastered the process of interviews with your team to gather your specific requirements, collaborative workflow design, and then combining technologies best suited for your needs.

Throughout this collaborative design process- we also outline detailed project timelines and milestones to not only deploy the technology but to have your team trained on the solutions as well – so you’re able to recognize the return on the technology investment in improved efficiencies and a new understanding of how assets you already own can be reutilized and monetized.   We also help analyze quick payback via workflow efficiencies, and business continuation methods that define media usage, accessibility, and archive strategies.   Key Code Media is part of your team from conception to completion as you move into a new era for your company’s existing and future assets.

Key Code Media has helped some of the largest media organizations on the planet build asset management workflows. We’ve leveraged core technologies such as Avid MediaCentralCatDV, Telestream, IPVMediaLAxleTelestreamRoot 6Quantum, North Shore Automation,  StorageDNA, Spectralogic

And many others, in addition to custom middleware and programming to create efficient and tailored solutions for each client’s needs.

Defining best practices and automation is key to our success. Common questions when investigating a solution include:

  • What are PAM, MAM and DAM? Which of these makes the most sense for my department, or the business as a whole.
  • What media management, ingest, and orchestration tasks can I automate?
  • What external events can trigger workflows that can prepare media even before my team knows it is needed?
  • How much data should be stored on online tier 1 or 2 storage and what the most efficient later tiered strategies between Cloud, On-premises Object, or LTO tape for my organization?
  • How do my creatives, my operations staff, and other internal and external stakeholders use a DAM/PAM/MAM to collaborate, in an environment they will want to use and makes financial sense?
  • How do I store my data strategically and most economically while allowing stakeholders access, possibly across multiple creative toolsets and multiple delivery needs?
  • How do work orders, job requests,  and ever-changing delivery specifications impact my workflow, and cost my organization in Labor, and can these tasks become less of a burden on my staff?

These sorts of questions have multiple solutions.

We can help guide you to the most efficient and scalable solution for all of your assets, including High-Performance Spinning disk and Flash as Tier 1 and Tier II, –  Object Data Lakes or Cloud, and LTO tape libraries as a deep archive.  And the ability to know what pieces are where, and how rapidly they can be available.

This is one of the specialties of our Consulting and Design division.

Tony Arratia Transcoding and Delivery Workflow

Asset Management & Automation Deployments

Have you thought about…?

  • Managing your assets everywhere and anywhere. In your house, or in your cloud
  • Leveraging Intuitive and advanced search capabilities, including phoentic searches
  • Applying accelerated cloud workflows like transcription, render farms, translation, captioning and remote editorial and VFX
  • Advanced transcoding , streaming and file delivery workflows
  • Prepping of camera original media for creative editorial
  • Re-Packaging of media for multiple distribution outlets
  • Integration of review and approve for a seamless, branded client and external partner experience
  • Interoperability with your billing/ERP system
  • Indexing and proxy creation for hard disks on the shelf in your vault
  • Integration of your existing technologies to extend your investment’s shelf life
  • Automated media movement across multiple tiers and physical locations
  • Avid asset management workflows
  • Adobe asset management workflows

Key Code Media partners with these leading vendors to provide complete workflow solutions.

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Contact us about Asset Management, Media Workflow Orchestration, and Automation solutions – and begin the journey to media becoming your true assets.