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Storage and Archive
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Storage / Archive

With hundreds of vendor choices, it becomes easy to get lost in all the various technical details when selecting video production storage. Specific choices like volume locking or file locking, SAN or NAS, and RAID types will likely shape the way your video production operates. Determining protocols, such as Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre, and iSCSI will shape the speed/bandwidth of your shared storage network. Key Code Media can help clients understand storage terminology, and how it will effect a video production. Contact us to learn more.

Key Storage & Archive Solutions Include:

  • Dailies Storage & Archive
  • SAN/NAS Storage & Archive
  • Second-Tier Storage
  • Object Oriented Storage
  • Big Data Storage
  • LTO LTFS Archive
  • Optical Disc Archive
  • Cloud Storage & Archive Workflow

Tags: NAS, video storage workflow, san, big data storage, network storage, lto ltfs, second tier storage, video cloud storage, video cloud archive

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