Post Production

Media production needs are in constant motion- higher resolution formats, hybrid workflows, ever-changing editing software features, complex media management, and cloud. The Key Code Media team sticks to the fundamentals- capture, ingest, edit, finish, manage, review & approve, deliver, and archive. Regardless of trends, our team will provide best-in-class post production solutions with our secret sauce of unmatched engineering and training that keeps your team focused on creating great content.


Evaluate the options you have- SAN, NAS, CLOUD- with a solution provider that successfully delivers and manages thousands of shared storage systems for media teams across the country. No other company can compete with our knowledge, training, and experience.
There are a variety of products and methodologies to ingesting camera files either streaming live or as a card or drive dump. There are also media management products that will help people organize files/media, project spaces, and search.
When it comes to editing and color suites,– the workstation (Mac, PC, or even Linux), reference monitors, audio, control surfaces, and their network connectivity to the edit workstation- your choice will be driven by the requirements outlined by the customer, the editing software required, the type of media you’re editing, and the network in the building.
Access or lift-and-shift your media, collaboration, and equipment into something that works remotely. There is a whole new world of options out there, and no better resource to help you.
Top of the line audio recording means the Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, or Ableton Live has all the right consoles, connectivity, nobs, displays, and acoustics necessary to create the final mix.
Key Code Media offers Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions that transform post production workflows. Enjoy effortless accessibility, streamlined organization, and enhanced collaboration with our intuitive tools- backed by a team that supports some of the largest media companies in the country. Choose us for our proven experience and scalable solutions tailored to meet your evolving post-production needs.
Different projects require different file delivery standards and best practices. We can make sure your facility is flexible to meet various demands, delivering media files at the highest quality.
A media archive is simply a place to store production assets for later use. Depending on when you need the files, how the production team will use them, and the overall cost will determine the type of archive method- active, inactive, and deep, with common formats LTO, Nearline or Cloud.

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