Audio Magic for Video Editors Seminar

The Audio Magic for Video Editors Seminar is a one-hour hands-on presentation designed to arm the Video Editor with practical audio essentials that can be used daily in any video project, small or large.

These techniques are delivered in Pro Tools but largely apply to any audio and/or video editing system (i.e. Media Composer, Premiere, Final Cut) using everyday language with no “audio-speak.”

Topics include:

  • Audio basics
  • Pro Tools co-installed on a video editing system
  • Best practices
  • Avid S3, Dock and S6 control surface
  • Dialog fixes
  • Audio restoration
  • Music editing and perfect loops

This event will be simultaneously live streamed as well as in-person at the Key Code Media Burbank facility.

Thursday 27th July 2017
12:30pm  – 1:30pm
Online & In-Person