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What is your broadcast strategy?

Traditionally, video production has been expensive, complicated and time-consuming. Often, organizations will outsource video production for these reasons.  Technology is available now that can democratize video production to become a very simple and cost-effective tool that you can use yourself every day.

Professionally stream, broadcast and record events, meetings, games, communications, and presentations through your website, stream through CDN service, broadcast OTA or a cable channel, or publish to social media platforms such as YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

Create, produce and publish professional videos from your own studio at any time.

Collaborate with people in different locations through Skype, incorporating them into your video productions, without the need to travel.

“Tell me about your show and I will tell you the gear you need to make it happen.”

Are you an enterprise-level broadcaster, looking to use technology to step above the competition? A concert looking to live stream with social media engagement? A college athletics program looking to get into sports production? Are you a radio broadcast, looking to start a visual radio? Key Code Media is here to support you.

Flexibility is key. Whether you’re HD or Ultra HD your productions will look professional as you are broadcasting live to air or across the Internet. Start with three cameras and grow to eight, our systems are engineered to be an extensible platform so you can add features as needed.

Key Code Media will help you develop a professional video production capability with simple, turn-key solutions and training that can achieve these results.

Some of the applications for live video production include:

  • HD & 4K broadcast over internet
  • Turnkey mobile flypacks for live streaming & broadcast
  • Next-gen social media for broadcast engagement tools
  • TV over IP solutions
  • Live broadcast to Edit
  • Live broadcast to On-Demand
  • Audience interaction technology
  • Master Control Room Design
  • Stage Design
  • Virtual Set Solution
  • Audio
  • Live production system integration

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