City of Santa Monica: Audiovisual and Broadcast Upgrade

This was a $500k design-build project for the city council chamber’s audio visual and broadcast upgrades including; presentation system, new (2) 65” Displays in the council chamber room and (2) in the lobby area, a new projector, projector screen, some furniture remodel, and new mics and control system.

Key Code also built complete new rack machine rooms connected to a full production Ross System. Includes existing Panasonic cameras, Ross Carbonite, and Ross Expression and add new Ross LCS System, a new complete Crestron switcher, Captioning Board Display and equipment, electronic nameplates plus a completely new audio system.

New Voting system with agenda management was also added to their new system.

Added (2) New Kiosks for Public Speakers Registration before entering council meeting which feeds directly to the meeting management system.