Comm Systems For Multi-Cam Live Events


Comm Systems For Multi-Cam Live Events


In this episode of Broadcast2Post, the Key Code Media team, RTS, and Clear-Com team up to present modern comm system configurations, party lines, and IP workflows set to enhance communication during a multi-cam live event. In the first 20-minutes, we’ll highlight the latest innovations in comm systems. Then, an interactive podcast discussion about the future of comm technology and best practices for future events.

Key Questions To Ask When Considering Comm Systems

When it comes to researching comm systems for live events, here are key questions to ask. Please reach out to Key Code Media if you need assistance purchasing or upgrading comm systems for your live production.
  • Who needs access to the intercom systems and where are they located during the production? How many people and what type of roles?
  • Is there a connectivity preference- wired vs wireless, analog vs digital? What are the limitations of each connectivity type- and how can you get around it?
  • Do you need just a party line or a matrix?
    • What equipment interfaces are required for cameras, and other core equipment?
  • What are the distances to users? Is there existing infrastructure or will cabling or fiber be needed? Are there multiple venues?
  • What is part of your existing production infrastructure and workflow? How do you need comms to connect to the various elements? What are the talk groups? Is there talent that needs IFB?
  • Who is in charge of planning comm systems for the event? What is the big picture plan?
  • Do you have a remote crew or staff that needs access to comms? Do they have knowledge of their home or remote network, firewall, and ports?

Next Steps: Book A Strategy Call or Schedule A Demo

Key Code Media is the preferred resource for audiovisual equipment, installation, and aftermarket support. We approach both complex projects and equipment procurement with a high-touch customer service focus, ensuring equipment is delivered, installed, and adopted by a customer successfully. We focus on your vision and business needs, deploying solutions that work today and into the future, keeping you ahead of technology. (Calif C7 & C10 contractor’s #1010561) OUR SOLUTIONS INCLUDE:
  • A/V Systems (Conference Rooms, Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Video Walls, Collaborative Offices, City Council Chambers, Programming)
  • Broadcast Systems (Comm Systems, Flypacks, OB Truck, and Control Rooms)
  • Post Production Systems (Audio Suites, Video Edit Suites, Creative Workflow and Shared Storage)

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