Grow Your Career in Color Grading and Finishing | Panel Discussion

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We brought together top TV & Film colorist and online editors to discuss how to grow your career in editing and finishing.

In this episode of Broadcast2Post, we have an extraordinary panel of colorists and finishing team talking about their Career in finishing TV Shows & Films, as well as advancements they’ve seen in technology.

During the panel discussion, several thought-provoking questions were raised, delving deep into the experiences and insights of the esteemed panelists. The discussion kicked off with an exploration of the journey into the role of a professional colorist, prompting reflections on the transition into the industry and the path to proficiency in editing, color grading, and post-production. Skill development emerged as a crucial theme, with emphasis on both technical mastery and soft skills essential for success in the field. The evolution of color grading over the years, fueled by software and hardware advancements, was also scrutinized, alongside observations on workflow enhancements and influences from outside traditional post-production realms. DaVinci Resolve took the spotlight as the sponsor, prompting discussions on experiences with Resolve products, transitions between versions, and any initial concerns. Looking ahead, panelists pondered the future of storytelling in color grading and editing, envisioning potential advancements such as AI-driven storytelling or subtler changes focusing on metadata tasks, reflecting on emerging trends and challenges in the post-production industry.

What’s in your color bay?

We also had the opportunity to tour Michael Klein new online color bay, as he works on the latest season of Naked & Afraid. He recently upgraded his monitor, workstation, and control surface to optimize the output of his work. Watch below:

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