NAB 2024: Our Big Recap of the Show’s Best Tech

As a trusted reseller and systems integrator, Key Code Media is dedicated to keeping the community informed about the latest announcements from NAB 2024. With our extensive partnerships with top technology vendors showcased at the event, including Adobe, Avid, Imagine Communications, LAWO, Studio Network Solutions (SNS), Wasabi, and more, we ensure that our clients have access to cutting-edge solutions. For consultation or pricing information on any of these innovative products, feel free to reach out to Key Code Media.


Adobe introduces the all-new V4, a flexible, fast, and intuitive creative collaboration platform, streamlining workflows across content creation and production. V4 centralizes feedback, reduces rounds of revisions, and accelerates media asset delivery, meeting the complex needs of creative teams delivering personalized content at scale. Announced ahead of NAB 2024, the next generation of will begin to roll out in beta for Free and Pro customers, with planned launch later this year for Team and Enterprise customers. Read More


AJA Video Systems announces significant enhancements across its popular solutions for broadcast, production, post, and AV professionals. The v2.1 software update for ColorBox introduces new features for color managed workflows, while FS-HDR v4.3 firmware includes BBC HLG LUTs and motion adaptive deinterlacer. Bridge Live v1.16 showcases improvements for IP video workflow, and AJA Desktop Software v17.1 adds metadata support. Updates for FS4 v3.1 and Helo Plus v2.1 enhance user experience and functionality across various products. AJA aims to empower users with the latest technologies to improve day-to-day operations in media production pipelines. Read More

Avid Technology

Avid will introduce advancements in its MediaCentral news production solution at NAB Show 2024, emphasizing collaborative editing, robust search tools, and AI-driven enhancements through Avid Ada. The update includes a browser-based editing interface with audio waveform support, Blueprint Builder for workflow planning, and improved Rundown app functionality. Avid | Stream IO, their software-based ingest and playout solution, will showcase expanded features, including playlist creation and enhanced on-screen display options.

Avid Ada, their AI technology, will demonstrate automated speech-to-text transcription, summarization, and language translation. Journalists can leverage AI to identify relevant footage for their stories directly within the web-based MediaCentral | Cloud UX. Avid will highlight Media Composer’s collaborative features, including real-time collaboration via Microsoft Teams and workflow integrations with third-party solutions like Autodesk Flow Capture and Doom Solutions.

In audio postproduction, Pro Tools will unveil new features such as ARA integration for essential audio post plugins, Dropbox Replay integration for review workflows, and immersive audio workflows for Dolby Atmos. Avid NEXIS storage support has been enhanced for audio production, enabling seamless multi-room collaboration. Read more.

Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design announces a series of new products and software updates at NAB 2024, including the PYXIS 6K, a customizable camera featuring a 6K sensor and dual CFexpress media recorders. The PYXIS 6K offers versatility with three mount options and provides exceptional image quality for filmmakers. Additionally, Blackmagic Design unveils DaVinci Resolve 19, enhancing the industry-leading editing and color grading software. These announcements reaffirm Blackmagic Design’s commitment to delivering innovative tools for content creators. Read More


Brainstorm highlights its latest developments in Virtual Production, Real-time 3D Graphics, Newsroom Workflows, and Immersive Presentations at NAB 2024. Suite 6, the latest version of InfinitySet, Aston, and eStudio, demonstrates advanced virtual production capabilities, including talent tele-transport and AR graphics. Brainstorm showcases partnerships with industry leaders and updates to Neuron, its graphics management and traffic solution. These advancements underscore Brainstorm’s commitment to providing content creators with innovative tools for producing high-quality virtual content. Read More


Canon presents the CJ27e×7.3B, its first 2/3” portable lens with a class-leading 27x optical zoom, at NAB 2024. Positioned to meet the demands of the production industry, the CJ27e×7.3B offers exceptional versatility for content creators. Canon’s booth theme, “Connect, Create, Collaborate,” emphasizes its dedication to facilitating collaboration and innovation in content creation. Read More


Evertz unveils innovative enhancements to its DreamCatcher™ BRAVO Studio virtual production control suite at NAB 2024. This comprehensive platform offers ingest, playback, live video/audio switching, replays, and graphics, revolutionizing live production by providing virtual access to traditional control room services. The latest additions include advanced co-pilots like Metadata and Highlight Factory, leveraging AI and deep machine learning to automate clip creation and storytelling. Additionally, the Motion+ feature enables seamless transition from single-phase to multi-phase high-frame replays for captivating super slo-motion effects. These upgrades enhance efficiency while maintaining top-tier content quality, catering to diverse production needs. Read More

Grass Valley

At NAB Show 2024, Grass Valley unveils enhancements to the LDX 100 Series broadcast camera platform and the K-Frame video production switchers. The LDX 100 Series sets a new benchmark for broadcast camera systems with advanced HDR/SDR operations, improved design for enhanced usability, innovative high-speed shooting capabilities, and a new wireless camera version. Meanwhile, the K-Frame XP series redefines production switching with advanced IP I/O cards, ultra-match format conversion, and ClipStore II enhancements. Grass Valley invites attendees to explore these innovations at stand C2308. Read More

Imagine Communications

Imagine Communications debuts industry-first order management system for U.S. broadcasters at NAB Show 2024, alongside major playout and automation advances. These innovations empower broadcasters to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver compelling content to audiences worldwide. Attendees can learn more about Imagine Communications’ solutions and advancements at the event. Read More


JVC introduces the KM-IP12S8 Series CONNECTED CAM vMix Studio Switchers at NAB 2024, providing complete live video production solutions for multi-camera applications. The KM-IP12S8 and KM-IP12S8PRO offer licensed versions of vMix 4K or vMix Pro Live Production and Streaming software, supporting SD up to full 4K 60P across various viewing devices. These switchers combine ubiquitous technology with seamless hardware connectivity and support, catering to diverse production needs. Read More


LAWO introduces the HOME mc² DSP app, a microservice-based audio engine that offers ultra-low-latency processing. The app, part of the HOME Apps family, provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability, allowing users to instantiate a mixing system wherever audio processing is required. With features comparable to Lawo’s A__UHD Core, the HOME mc² DSP app enhances converging video/audio production environments. Read More


LiveU showcases its latest technical collaborations and connectivity solutions at NAB Show 2024, highlighting the IP-Positive architecture of the LiveU EcoSystem. With integrations from various partners, including Bitcentral, Marshall Electronics, Sony, and TAG Video Systems, LiveU offers solutions tailored to story-centric workflows. These collaborations empower broadcasters with adaptable and open IP-video solutions for diverse production needs. Read More


LucidLink extends its integration into Adobe After Effects with the launch of the LucidLink Panel. This integration allows users to pin compositions directly within After Effects, optimizing playback performance for maximum efficiency. LucidLink continues to enhance its storage collaboration platform, providing creative professionals with innovative tools for seamless workflow integration. Read More


Sony unveils several products at NAB Show, including the HDC-5500V camera with 4K@4X capabilities and the BRC-AM7 PTZ 4K 60p AI auto-tracking remote camera. These products offer advanced features like variable ND filters and built-in AI auto tracking, catering to the evolving needs of broadcasters and content creators. Sony continues to innovate with its Alpha camera lineup and other industry-leading solutions. Read More


StorageDNA introduces advanced file service technology to Quantum Myriad and StorNext at NAB 2024, offering ultra-fast and feature-rich server message block (SMB) based cross-platform file service. This initiative enhances collaborative storage and network file service capabilities on a single platform, meeting the mission-critical enterprise and content creation workflow needs of customers. Read More

Studio Network Solutions (SNS)

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) is set to unveil significant updates to their EVO storage platform at NAB Show 2024. Key among these is the integration of timecode markers and subclips within ShareBrowser MAM, streamlining workflows for video editors. Additionally, EVO now offers integration with and OneDrive for cloud backups, expanding its cloud backup options. Enhancements to EVO’s transcode proxies enable faster access to proxy files, while bandwidth throttling for replications helps conserve processing power.

SNS is also improving support for Dropbox Teams integration, reinstating SFTP replications, and simplifying replication job creation within the EVO GUI. EVO now supports transcoding media to SpeedHQ, alongside h.264 and ProRes proxies. Automatic proxy cleanup reduces storage consumption by removing unneeded proxy files. The NDI plug-in upgrade includes playout for h.264 and SpeedHQ, a “Stop All” button, and filtering for NDI sources.

Users can load assets to TriCaster DDR1-4 and GFX1-2 directly from ShareBrowser MAM. Enhanced security features include AES-256 encryption options for file system data. ShareBrowser MAM software installations no longer require a reboot for macOS and Windows.

Support for the latest RED and Arri cameras, API updates, and Nomad improvements are also part of the update. These features will be showcased at NAB Show 2024 and are expected to roll out on select new systems later this year. Read More

Riedel Communications 

At NAB 2024, Riedel Communications unveiled an expanded RiCapture ingest solutions line, including RiCapture i8, i44, and i84. These additions offer increased channel density, UHD resolution, 8- and 10-bit support, and expanded internal SSD storage. The RiCapture platform features the SSE interface for scheduling, streaming, and exporting, providing a compact solution for multichannel HD/UHD ingest recording and postproduction integration. With options for local, removable, or network-attached storage, RiCapture ensures maximum versatility. The lineup includes models with four or eight HD HDR input channels and four UHD channels with HDR capability. RiCapture supports high-quality recording in DNxHD, DNxHR, and H.264 encoding, along with audio capabilities of 16 embedded channels per channel and 64 Dante or AES67 channels. Additionally, software add-ons such as the VDR panel, RiView application, and XDCAM add-on enhance functionality for clip playback, monitoring, and tapeless HD video acquisition and storage. Read More

Ross Video

At the 2024 NAB Show, Ross Video unveiled a diverse array of new products and software updates. Among the highlights was Artimo, a studio robotic camera solution offering precise, repeatable shots with advanced robotics and free-roaming pedestal flexibility. Raiden, a data-driven weather graphics solution powered by the XPression engine, enables quick and engaging content generation. The TouchDrive lineup of control surfaces was expanded, alongside the debut of Carbonite Code, a software-based production switcher optimized for NDI workflows. Significant updates to the XPression system, including new engine options and HTML5 outputs, were also introduced. Media I/O v10 received enhancements with the Aura web-based interface, providing powerful features for ingest and playout. Quorum mark-based production system saw a major update, enabling professional-quality outputs from meetings and assemblies. Additionally, the launch of Streamline, a web-based video editor, drives advanced collaboration and efficiency in broadcast and news workflows. The next-generation Mosaic Video Image Processor delivers unparalleled video quality on large-scale displays. The CX-D Panel, unveiled for automated production control, offers increased durability and precision. Inception newsroom computer system received updates, including a side-by-side revision editor and enhancements to the mobile app for journalists. These innovations underscore Ross Video’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the broadcast industry, offering increased efficiency, flexibility, and quality across various production workflows. Read More


Telestream addresses critical challenges in live media production workflows with the introduction of Live Capture as a Service, GLIM as a Service, and enhanced Live Play 2.0 at NAB Show 2024. These offerings, along with a suite of new AI-powered media processing tools, empower media professionals to streamline operations and deliver high-quality content efficiently. Telestream also collaborates with NVIDIA to bring cloud-native professional video monitoring to media enterprises and professionals. Read More


Vizrt showcases a range of products at NAB Show 2024, including the TriCaster® 2 Elite, TriCaster® Flex Dual Control Panel, Viz Virtual Studio Go, and Viz Libero Go. Additionally, NDI 6 is now available with HDR 10+ bit color and a major update to NDI Bridge WAN Connectivity. These offerings demonstrate Vizrt’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for live video production and virtual studio environments. Read More


Wasabi Technologies introduces Wasabi AiR™, the industry’s first AI-enabled intelligent media storage, at NAB Show 2024. Wasabi AiR combines high-performance, low-cost object storage with advanced AI metadata auto-tagging and multilingual searchable speech-to-text transcription. This innovative solution enables users to quickly find and manage video files with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Additionally, Wasabi recently acquired CURIO AI, enhancing its AI capabilities for personalized content experiences. Read More


Quantum Corporation announces advanced file service technology for Quantum Myriad and StorNext at NAB 2024. This technology offers ultra-fast and feature-rich server message block (SMB) based cross-platform file service, providing high-performance collaborative storage and fast network file service on the same platform. With integration into Myriad and StorNext, Quantum meets the mission-critical enterprise and content creation workflow needs of its customers. Read More

Zero Density

Zero Density unveiled Lino, its latest innovation in real-time motion graphics, at NAB 2024. Lino leverages Unreal Motion Design to enhance rendering and compositing quality while streamlining asset creation and integration, thereby reducing operator complexity. By harnessing Unreal’s capabilities, Lino sets a new global standard for motion graphics, applicable across various production stages, including video wall content, on-air graphics, and pre-production and virtual production graphics.

Lino will be available as turnkey solutions, offering flexibility through subscription or perpetual licensing models, with options for hardware and support. Zero Density’s commitment to accessibility ensures that broadcasters and content creators can leverage Lino’s advanced capabilities to elevate their productions while optimizing costs and workflows. Read More