Navigating A Career in Professional Editing: Insights from Industry Veterans

At the Avid Media Composer edition of Editors Lounge, creative professionals came together to share advice.


Embarking on a journey through the world of video editing, three seasoned editors—Randy Magalski, Michael Lynn Deis, and Lauren Carr—shared their origin stories, insights on skills, reflections on the evolving craft, and perspectives on Avid products and the impact of AI. This recount provides a captivating glimpse into the dynamic and ever-changing realm of professional video editing.


Skills Beyond Software – The Art of Editing


The panelists shared their unique paths to becoming editors. Randy emphasized the importance of networking, Michael highlighted the significance of a positive attitude, and Lauren spoke about her hands-on learning approach—mimicking sequences and studying the work of other editors.


The discussion shifted to the skills beyond software that contribute to success in the editing profession. Lauren stressed the value of asking questions, understanding the fundamentals, and working hard. Randy advised identifying mentors and riding their coat tails for career advancement. Michael emphasized the power of being nice and maintaining a positive attitude, revealing that her pleasant demeanor has made her sought after by producers.


Evolution of the Craft – From Bulky to Fast and Easy


Reflecting on the evolution of the editing craft, the panelists noted significant changes in software and hardware. Michael highlighted Avid ScriptSync AI as a game-changer for reality TV editing, while Lauren marveled at the transition from bulky tools to today’s fast and easy editing capabilities. The ability to edit from home, accelerated by the pandemic, was identified as a key improvement in workflow, fostering a better work-life balance.


Avid Products – Navigating Transitions and Staying Relevant


As Avid sponsors the event, the panelists shared their experiences with Avid products, specifically Media Composer. Randy, a proud user of the latest version, encouraged editors to stay up-to-date to remain relevant and build confidence in their editing capabilities using the latest version of Media Composer. Lauren expressed her fondness for Avid Media Composer, describing it as the “adult in the room” that provides stability and familiarity.


The Rise of AI – A Collaborative Future


The conversation turned towards the impact of artificial intelligence on video editing. Michael underscored the human component of professional editing and expressed concerns about executives overlooking the unique touch of human editors. Lauren, while acknowledging the potential of AI, expressed her passion for creativity and the desire to continue being paid for her artistic contributions.


Take The Next Steps In Your Editing Career


As the editing landscape continues to transform, their stories serve as a guide for aspiring editors and a testament to the enduring importance of creativity in the age of technology. We encourage you to build the right foundation with editing tools. Take a look at the Key Code Education class calendar and class list to learn more about online and in-person training for video editing software, the editing craft, and much more.