NDI® 6 + State of NDI® in 2024

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In this edition of Broadcast2Post, we explore the release of NDI 6, an update to the NDI protocol. Charles Steinkuehler from the NDI team and Brett Collins from BC Live Productions joined Key Code Media to discuss the features of the latest release and its implications for productions using NDI.

 Watch the video or read the blog below to get a better understanding of what the NDI 6 release means for your production.

Enhanced HDR and 10-Bit Color Support

NDI 6 brings HDR and 10+ Bit Color support, improving image quality for tier 1 Broadcast and Content Creators. This update promises heightened contrast, reduced color banding, and compatibility with PQ and HLG formats.

Previously, 10-bit support for NDI was rudimentary, but the focus on launching HDR prompted the NDI development team to refine a more robust 10-bit experience. NDI calls this update 10+ (Plus) bit, indicating a milestone in delivering a reliable 10-bit experience for NDI | HX users. NDI 6 users with SpeedHQ codec will access higher quality 11-bit color.

Gigabit (1000 Mbps) networks are essential in production workflows. A standard NDI stream of 1080 60P video reaches data rates of up to 150 Mbps per stream. For those interested in bandwidth requirements for HDR & 10+-bit, NDI provides updated tables:


WAN Connectivity with the New NDI Bridge Utility for Hardware

The new NDI Bridge utility allows devices to transmit fully-featured, encrypted NDI streams over WAN, simplifying remote production. Users can connect their cameras to any NDI network worldwide with no complex configurations required.

Cameras become discoverable sources on NDI networks, facilitating real-time remote collaboration. Encrypted bidirectional transmission ensures secure connections to NDI networks over the public Internet, protecting content and metadata.


Third-Party Support for NDI 6

Industry leaders like Epiphan, Kiloview, Magewell, Matrox, Studio Network Solutions (SNS), and Vizrt have unveiled NDI 6 compatibility at NAB Show 2024. Expectations are for this list to expand significantly in the coming weeks.

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