Remote Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Remote Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro


Cloud editing and collaborating in Adobe Premiere Pro is no longer just a nice-to-have feature – it’s absolutely essential. Remote editing with streaming frame-accurate proxies in Premiere over standard Wi-Fi, remote collaboration on Premiere projects, remote conform and render in the cloud and remote access to global video archive

And more importantly, why it’s so important: Implement business continuity and remote working capability for video teams, keep your business “on air’” and “always open”, monetize and re-use existing archives of video content, and work securely with your assets and be trusted with the security of your client’s content

With an industry legend like Adobe’s David Helmly, Head of Strategic Development for Professional Video and IPV’s own video VIP, Alex Ferris demonstrating the most innovative remote workflows available, we expect to reach webinar capacity fast… Save your seat now