Seminar: How to Effectively Use Live Streaming for Corporate Marketing & Communications (Nov 30)

Live video is a powerful and far-reaching means to communicate and market your message to customers, prospects, and employees. Traditionally, video production has been expensive, complicated and time-consuming and often organizations will resort to outsourcing for these reasons. Technology is available now that can democratize live streaming to become a very simple and cost-effective tool that your organization can use every day.

In this seminar – to be streamed on Facebook Live – Key Code Media will discuss the major elements that you need to consider before jumping in to live streaming to ensure that you maintain your brand and deliver a professional production. We won’t get too deep into the technical nitty gritty, instead focussing on the business drivers and high-level do’s-and-don’ts that will set you on the path to success.

Tune in to the stream on Facebook Live at 10am PST on Thursday, November 30th – see you there!

Thursday November 30th 2017
10:00am PST