The State of NDI® in 2021 + NDI® Version 5

In this episode of Broadcast2Post, we invited Dr. Andrew Cross (President of Global Research and Development, Vizrt Group), to discuss the latest workflows coming to NDI. With Version 5 releasing soon, NDI is now looking to the future of IP-based video production workflows. Our goal is to help your team make better decisions while researching the equipment, the workflow, and the deployment of IP-based technology in your production. Contact us if you’re interested in an NDI workflow solution for your audiovisual solution.  

What is NDI – Network Device Interface?

Just as SDI (Serial Digital Interface) moved video via coaxial cables and expensive routers, NDI or Network Device Interface is a transport protocol for sending Video and audio over a local network.   It’s a packetized system, which allows it to function over standard Ethernet, Network cabling, and Switches. NDI is a royalty-free system that was developed by our partners at Newtek. NDI comes in two flavors- compressed NDI | HX, and full NDI. NDI|HX is a lot like the H.264 codec.  It has an adjustable transmission bandwidth, where 1080P60 HD video defaults to 10Mbps. Full NDI is an I-frame intra-frame compression scheme. During the transmission process, full NDI consumes a fixed bandwidth in your environment – where HD needs between 90-180Mbps and 4K clocks in with 200-300Mbps required. With NDI transmission, we recommend a gigabit network which is suitable for applications that require high image quality, like video program production.  

NDI Tools Include:

  • NDI Scan Converter – This lets you capture and present the full-screen display of any Windows and Mac device on the same network as an NDI Video source.
  • NDI Virtual Input – Capturing video or audio sources from any NDI source like a camera or a converter or a Tricaster and use it as “camera” for Zoom or other video conferencing software.
  • NDI Studio Monitor – Lets you view an NDI source from anywhere and can provide KVM control of a TriCaster and PTZ cameras located anywhere on the network.
  • NDI Access Manager – allows you to manage all NDI systems and sources on your network. Who’s going where?  You decide.
  • Additional Tools – 10 other free tools including Test Patterns, Webcam Input, Screen Capture, NDI for Adobe After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Drop by tv to learn more.

What is new in NDI 5?

  • NDI Remote – Connect with any remote user to receive their video and audio over the public internet by simply sharing a link. This is ideal both to quickly add sources to live productions, or to receive video from any mobile device anywhere in the world into virtually any video software application.   It’s the “easy” button for getting video into your setup.
  • NDI Audio Direct – A set of audio plugins that allows virtually any audio software application to take advantage of NDI. NDI Audio Direct lets users select, receive, and generate multichannel audio with extremely high quality and near-zero latency.
  • NDI Bridge – Users can securely share NDI sources between remote sites, anywhere in the world,  with a simple and secure network setup.   This allows live production teams to stay native in NDI, end-to-end, reducing complexity, cost, and latency across any distance.
  • Reliable UDP – This new transmission protocol to NDImakes network infrastructure easier to setup, solving network congestion even with low-performance network equipment and without the need for complex configuration.
  • OSX Support – Deeper support for Apple silicon systems, brings full NDIcapability to all iOS, tvOS and iPadOS devices for the first time
  • Improved Adobe Premiere and FCP support – NLE editors rejoice, this updated plug-in allows output for Final Cut Pro with real-time audio and video frame buffer output, while the Adobe Premiere and After Effects plugin now features improved audio workflow  Your NLE,  your way,

Why Key Code Media Is Discussing NDI Workflows:

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  • Experienced Engineers – 40 engineers across the country, certified in AV, Broadcast, and Post Production solutions.
  • After Install Support Plan – 24/7 KTC support plans keep your team up-to-date and always running.
  • Key Code Education – industry-certified training for staff. Free, for media organizations*

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