Top Features in Avid Media Composer 2023

Avid Media Composer 2023 – Unveiling a New Era in Video Editing Innovation

In the midst of pivotal corporate shifts, including the acquisition by private equity STG and the departure of CEO Jeff Rosica, Avid Technology has quietly revolutionized the landscape of professional video editing. The recent release of Avid Media Composer 2023 brings forth a wave of groundbreaking features, marking a significant leap forward for the editing platform.

For those post-production teams who have hesitated to update since the transformative UI overhaul in the 2019 release, the unveiling of Avid Media Composer 2023 is a game-changer. This upgrade, demonstrated by Michael Krulik at our Editors Lounge event, addresses longstanding concerns and introduces features that redefine the editing experience. It’s a momentous step forward, making 2023 the indispensable upgrade that post-production teams have eagerly awaited.

In the sections below, we delve into the most notable features of Avid Media Composer 2023, showcasing highlights from Michael Krulik’s presentation at our recent Editors Lounge event.

New Avid Interface for Enhanced User Experience


In 2019, the industry witnessed a significant shift in the Avid interface, prompting a learning curve for many editors. Acknowledging this, Avid Media Composer 2023 introduces a groundbreaking solution—a new profile system. This system allows editors to select their preferred interface, catering to three distinct profiles: “New Media Composer Interface,” “Media Composer Classic Interface,” and “Transitioning from Adobe Premiere Pro Interface.” Each profile not only provides a unique look but also customizes keyboard keys to match the selected preference. Editors familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro or those still rooted in 2018 or older versions can seamlessly transition to Avid’s interface, ensuring a more intuitive editing experience.

Avid Scriptsync AI and Phrasefind AI: Elevating Script-Based Editing


Script-based editing takes a leap forward with the introduction of AI-powered enhancements in Scriptsync and Phrasefind. The new Scriptsync AI allows editors to create a complete transcription directly from video clips, automating a once manual process. Each transcript mark is timestamped, enabling editors to navigate to specific points on the timeline effortlessly. Notably, Scriptsync AI supports multiple languages within the same clips, all without requiring an internet connection for added security—a crucial consideration for many studios. On the Phrasefind front, the enhanced AI version eliminates the need for language pack downloads. The new transcription column enriches search results, providing valuable context to the content within clips, streamlining the process of finding the right clip.

Avid Audio and Pro Tools Integration: Unleashing Audio Capabilities


Avid Media Composer 2023 brings significant audio enhancements, allowing audio levels to surpass the conventional 12dB limit. But the integration with Pro Tools steals the spotlight, introducing a seamless collaboration between the two platforms. Editors can now create Pro Tools sessions directly from Media Composer, generating a .ptx file with video and audio integrated. The exported session retains markers from the Media Composer timeline, providing a synchronized reference in Pro Tools. The export process offers a range of options, from choosing codecs to compression settings. Notably, the inclusion of the Multi-Mix tool streamlines the export of multiple audio mixes, saving time and enhancing precision in the audio editing process.

Avid Huddle with Microsoft Teams: Revolutionizing Collaboration


Real-time collaboration reaches new heights with Avid Huddle, a feature that leverages Microsoft Teams. This innovative collaboration tool allows editors to share Media Composer output instantly with collaborators, regardless of their geographical location. Avid Huddle utilizes SRT to transmit output across Teams, eliminating the need for file exports and fostering dynamic, real-time discussions. Collaborators actively engage in the editing session, adding annotations and comments directly onto shared content. Importantly, annotations made during the session become a permanent part of the editing process when imported back into Media Composer.

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