TriCaster 2 Elite Update and TriCaster 1 Pro Announcement

NewTek just announced a brand new TriCaster 1 Pro video switcher, as well as updates to the TriCaster 2 Elite.  TriCaster 1 Pro, and TriCaster 2 Elite offer integrated flexibility of software and IP networks – opening a world of opportunities with the tightest, NDI-native integration, only available in TriCasters. Both TriCasters also enable LiveGraphics™, LivePanel™, and Live Story Creator tools as standard as well as an enhanced Live Call Connect that now includes support for more apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and FaceTime. Remote callers in loud environments can be clearly and easily heard, just by the touch of a button, using the Neural Voice Isolation tool.

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Announcing The Newest Update For TriCaster 2 Elite

TriCaster 2 Elite

The TriCaster 2 Elite continues as the flagship TriCaster offering, with powerful production enhancements. The update is free and available to download now for all existing TriCaster 2 Elite users. Additional features like increased streaming and publishing power, as well as both selectable audio and video returns, offers users unmatched quality and flexibility, putting this system in a league of its own.

Here’s what we like about the TriCaster 2 Elite Update:

  • Selectable audio and video return for Live Call Connect applications including the addition of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Facetime.
  • Global and Local variable support in the macro engine gives operators the ability to use logic statements when automating complex operations.
  • Neural Voice Isolation to cancel out unwanted noise and background sounds from a voice in the audio mixer.
  • Feedback in the input windows for framerate and resolution information even on NDI sources
  • LivePanel™ built directly into the user interface, allowing each event to have truly customized control
  • Alpha channel is available on NDI outputs which are useful for sending keyed sources to other devices or real-time 3D creation tools like Unreal Engine.
  • NDI Genlock and much more

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Introducing TriCaster 1 Pro – The Perfect Production Powerhouse

TriCaster 1 Pro is an incredibly powerful production system for the modern producer, publisher, and content creator. Perfect for productions with intense demands on quality and feature sets. The TriCaster 1 Pro is a  streamlined live video production system with Live Call Connect, support for 4K UHD switching, live streaming, recording, data-driven graphics, virtual sets, media publishing, and more.

Here’s what we like about the TriCaster 1 Pro:

  • The TriCaster 1 Pro is a welcome addition for live productions that require robust remote calling but don’t necessarily need an extreme quantity of sources and destinations.
  • TriCaster 1 Pro is perfect for mid-size productions. It offers an array of connectivity options for anything from SDI and Audio I/O to multiviewers not only through the powerful 10G network interface but also directly with dedicated ports.
  • Producers of mid-size productions will love these advanced features that come standard in the TriCaster 1 Pro, including, 4K UHD switching, live streaming, and publishing, live call connect, live story creator, live graphics, live panel, alpha channel outputs, advanced macros, recording, data-driven graphics, virtual sets, media publishing and more.
  • No other live production solution offers comparable capabilities at a competitive price in the same class for producing and delivering content.

If at any time, your business would like to schedule a private demonstration, receive pricing information, or purchase TriCaster 1 Pro, contact Key Code Media.