What This Means For Access A/V & Key Code Media Vendors


What This Means For Access A/V & Key Code Media Vendors

Q: What does this announcement mean for Vendors?

A: Access A/V and Key Code Media greatly value our vendor partnerships. The acquisition complements the strengths of the media and entertainment industry’s trusted media technology provider with the leader in broadcast and AV solutions, offering the market turnkey technology solutions and unparalleled engineering services.

For vendors, it’s time for us to start standardizing contracts, operations, and invoicing procedures under the Key Code Media brand. We appreciate your support during this transition.


Q: We currently have a lead for the Access A/V team that needs to be qualified. Who do I send leads to?

A: Access A/V leads should be sent directly to the marketing team – Our marketing team will do an email and call campaign for all the contacts provided. Feedback on lead status- qualified, unqualified, or a new opportunity- will be sent back to vendors. We will automatically assign all leads to a local Access A/V representative, so you’ll know who to follow up with for each opportunity.


Q: What are the updated accounts payable for vendors?

A: Starting 1/24/2023, all Access A/V and Key Code Media purchase orders will reflect our new legal entity name, “Key Code Media.” Please issue your invoice and payment to this new legal entity name.


Q: How can I update my record if I am an Access A/V vendor but not a Key Code Media vendor?

A: If you are not a Key Code Media vendor, please find our updated credit reference and a copy of our new W9 form for your convenience.

Below is an updated multiple sales tax jurisdiction form for all existing or new Key Code Media and Access A/V vendors.


Q: Who can I contact at Key Code Media to set up the new vendor contract agreement or new vendor account if I am not currently a Key Code Media vendor?

A: Please direct those questions to our Purchasing manager, Andrew Holinsky, at Key Code Media.

Andrew Holinsky
Key Code Media
p: +1-818-303-3900


Q: Who can I contact at Key Code Media to resolve any Access A/V or Key Code Media billing or accounting questions?

A: Please direct all billing or account questions to our Account Payable team.



Q: How should we update our reseller website?

A: Access A/V will become a New England office of Key Code Media. We ask that you keep a reference to the Access A/V brand for the first two years as customers become familiar with the new brand. Please update your label to “Access A/V (Key Code Media New England).”

Access A/V (Key Code Media New England)
Phone: (603) 224-2300
8 Integra Dr.
Concord, NH 03301


Q: Who should we contact if we have questions?

A: For all other inquiries, please contact Mike Cavanagh (, who is the President, or Ka Man Chan (, who is the CFO of the company.