Why Avid ISIS is Costing You Money

Avid Technology’s long-running ISIS Shared Storage was a staple to any post-production shop for years. While it was obvious Avid would release the next iteration of their shared storage product, the product introduced, Avid NEXIS Shared Storage, was more than just a rebrand.

Digging deep into the performance and cost benefits of Avid NEXIS Shared Storage, we’ve concluded that there really isn’t any reason for users to still be using old Avid ISIS Shared Storage. Here’s why!

Key Reasons To Upgrade | Avid ISIS to Avid NEXIS Shared Storage:

1) SUPPORT COST: Avid ISIS shared storage cost more

Having a support plan is must when you have multiple editors and producers relying on it 24 hours a day. Productions cannot afford to have their storage shut down. Just for a second, imagine your storage platform does shut down, do you want to liable for getting it fixed? Wouldn’t it be reassuring knowing that someone Avid certified can resolve the issue? Exactly! Not to mention support guarantees your system will receive critical patches whenever new Apple or Microsoft OS threaten your infrastructure.

Now here’s the bad news: Avid ISIS Support plans have increased since the release of Avid NEXIS. Meanwhile, the cost of storage capacity has dropped significantly. Let’s look at the example below – You’re likely to pay up to $16k more over 5 years to support 128TB Avid ISIS 5500 then a 400TB Avid NEXIS E4. You are paying roughly 30% more for Avid ISIS shared storage that is less than half the storage capacity of an Avid NEXIS.

2) RISK: Hard Drives Will Fail

If you think your storage will last forever we have some bad news for you. Research shows hard drives will fail over time- regardless of the manufacturer. The latest research from Back Blaze observes hard drives wear increases significantly after year 3.

How old is your Avid ISIS storage? It’s very likely that it’s over three.

3) CAPACITY: Performance and workflow capacity

This isn’t just marketing fluff- Avid NEXIS Shared Storage will add more capacity, predictability, and performance to your post-production workflow.

With the release of Avid NEXIS, you can pack 20 TB, 60TB, or 100TB HDDs with up to 7.4PB of combined capacity. The Avid Nexis file system will also be the only compatible storage with the much anticipated Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management, releasing June 28th.

Adobe editors will be happy to know Adobe Premiere Pro runs better on Avid Nexis with up to  2.4 GB/sec capacity.