Learn techniques to install, configure, & troubleshoot DaVinci Resolve editing systems to maximize productivity & minimize system downtime.
Learn techniques to install, configure, & troubleshoot DaVinci Resolve editing systems to maximize productivity & minimize system downtime.
Learn techniques to install, configure, & troubleshoot DaVinci Resolve editing systems to maximize productivity & minimize system downtime.

DR230 DaVinci Resolve Fusion FX Overview

Learn the art of titling, motion graphics, visual effects compositing, and broadcast design in DaVinci Resolve. Editors will find clear workflow-driven lessons, while seasoned compositors will quickly learn Fusion’s powerful node-based interface to accomplish incredible Hollywood-caliber visual effects. As you step through the lessons, you’ll gain experience with Fusion’s title animation tools, particle effects, blue- and green-screen keyer, powerful planar tracking capabilities, 3D compositing environment, and more! Best of all, you’ll discover that there is no longer a need to send shots out to another application, because with DaVinci Resolve, fantastic visual effects and 3D motion design is simply a click away from editing.


Lesson 1
  • A quick start guide that lets you explore the user interface by creating a simple but highly realistic sci-fi composite. This lesson is meant to get you comfortable with the interface and workflow since it touches on all the essential tools you will use throughout this guide.
Part II:  Titling and Motion Graphics
  • Uses four lessons to cover the most common 2D visual effects techniques that you can use on a broad range of jobs. You’ll uncover various techniques using Fusion’s point and planar tracking tools so you can realistically integrate objects into a shot. Using the flexible vector-based Paint tool, you’ll remove objects to create hidden effects that viewers never even know are there. Finally, you’ll learn how to approach classic green/blue screen compositing that epitomizes visual effects for most people.
Part I: Visual Effects Creation
  • Part II includes three lessons covering titling and 2D motion design. You’ll learn to create smooth and highly customizable credit rolls, explore more creative title animation using Fusion’s unique Follower modifier, and create motion paths that can be published and shared between any number of elements. Each lesson touches on some aspect of animation, including Fusion’s powerful keyframe Spline Editor, procedural modifier-based animations, and simple expressions that can create incredibly natural movement.
Part III: 3D Compositing
  • The final part of this guide uses four lessons to explore 3D compositing and motion graphics. You’ll start by exploring how to set up, navigate, and move around in a 3D compositing environment. Then, you’ll introduce various 3D objects as you design a broadcast graphic, complete with extruded 3D text, shiny custom chrome materials, animated camera, and multiple light sources. Some of Fusion’s most useful and fun tools, the particle tools, are delved into in Lesson 11, as you create billowing realistic smoke for a 3D composite in a music video. The last lesson in this guide requires DaVinci Resolve Studio, as it guides you through setting up, optimizing, and making use of the integrated 3D camera tracking tool for simple set extensions.


This hands-on course is designed for DaVinci Resolve editors, colorists, VFX newcomers, and experienced compositors or motion designers who want to create visual effects and motion graphics in DaVinci Resolve.


Completion of DaVinci Resolve Essentials (DR101) or equivalent experience. A working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

DR220 DaVinci Resolve Fairlight Audio Overview

Learn the art of sound design, recording, editing, sweetening, and mixing, as well as how to get the most out of audio tracks created and edited in DaVinci Resolve. Beginning audio editors and assistants will find clear workflow-driven lessons, while seasoned audio professionals will quickly grasp Fairlight’s user-friendly tools for realizing incredible sound. Each lesson takes you step by step through practical real-world projects such as a feature film trailer and scenes from a science-fiction narrative film. You’ll start out building a powerful trailer soundtrack, and then move on to recording voiceover and ADR tracks, as well as editing and repairing dialogue. Next, you’ll explore sound design secrets to create original sound effects, layer sound, and use FairlightFX plug-ins to add depth and dimension to your tracks. Finally, you’ll step through advanced mixing techniques to balance, sweeten, pan, automate, bounce, and deliver your finished soundtrack.


Lesson 1
  • Plunges you into the middle of an exciting movie trailer’s soundtrack as you explore the Fairlight page interface and tools and finish building the soundtrack.
Lesson 2
  • Utilizes three practical recording techniques to develop voiceover tracks; perform automated dialogue replacement (ADR); and use Resolve’s built-in oscillator, to record noise and tones that you can apply to multiple creative sound design and sound effects tasks.
Lesson 3
  • Explores Resolve’s unique audio track layers. You will edit a composite of the best takes from a voiceover recording and create crossfades between music clips in the same track.
Lessons 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • These lessons focus on dialogue tracks and the jobs of a dialogue editor. In Lesson 4, you’ll explore channel mapping as you prepare multichannel clips for dialogue editing. 
  • In Lesson 5, you’ll create a checkerboard edit that splits each character’s dialogue clips to a separate track, and balance the clip levels within each track. 
  • In Lesson 6, you’ll apply common dialogue repair and replacement techniques to reduce plosives and other unwanted sounds, and then stitch together a room tone track to create a seamless dialogue scene. 
  • In Lesson 7, you’ll use advanced FairlightFX dialogue repair tools such as the De-Hummer, De-Esser, and Noise Reduction plug-ins—as well as the gate dynamics processor in the Mixer to remove hum, sibilance, and noise.
Lessons 8 and 9
  • These lessons focus on sound design for enhancing a soundtrack. In Lesson 8, you’ll use Pitch and Chorus plug-ins to change a human voiceover into a processed computer voice, and you’ll experiment with time-based plug-ins to add depth and dimension to Foley sound effects. 
  • In Lesson 9, you’ll create original sound effects from oscillator recordings to simulate a heart monitor, sci-fi computer warble, and rotor blades, and produce a multilayered computer sound effect.
Lessons 10, 11, 12, and 13
  • These lessons demystify the art of mixing and sweetening your soundtrack and cover the tools and techniques you’ll use to polish and complete a mix.
Lesson 14
  • This lesson steps you through bouncing stereo and 5.1 timelines to create stems. You’ll also explore a finishing workflow for panning and linking six mono tracks into a single 5.1 surround track. Then, you’ll move to the delivery page to render your final stems and mix to meet various delivery standards.
Lesson 15
  • In this lesson, you’ll work with a professionally produced Dolby Atmos project to explore the Dolby Atmos integration built right into the Fairlight page.


This hands-on training guide is designed for DaVinci Resolve editors, audio newcomers, and experienced audio professionals who want to create, enhance, and mix soundtracks in the Fairlight page.


Completion of DaVinci Resolve Essentials (DR101) or equivalent experience preferred. A working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh operating systems required.

DR400 Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Engineering & Advanced Operations Overview

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve is a dynamic non-linear system that performs editorial, finishing, color correction, VFX, and audio. The goal of the DR400 class is to help understand the different ways DaVinci Resolve can be used and to be able to build the right system for the production. Students will get a deep dive into file and color standards, multiple media management methods, far-reaching deliverable capabilities, and much more. Students will also examine different shared storage options, such as Blackmagic’s cloud storage, while also discussing shared workflows and building Resolve Project Servers. Included is a breakdown of different CPU and GPU options, software configurations of DaVinci Resolve, and all the extra applications that are available. In short, the DR400 will provide students with the techniques to install, configure, and troubleshoot Resolve systems to maximize productivity and minimize system downtime while also understanding different aspects of operational and technical workflow. Students attending this course will get a deeper understanding of how to fully take advantage of all that Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve offers for a variety of capacities at almost any facility.


Upon completion of this class, students will be able to:
  • Discuss the evolution of DaVinci Resolve
  • Breakdown latest trends in CPUs and GPUS
  • Explore all the different Media Management options DaVinci Resolve offers
  • Explore acquisition, editorial, and deliverable file formats as well as color theory
  • Navigate software system setups and other available Blackmagic software
  • Define Linux, OS X and Windows operating system concepts and features
  • Install and configure Resolve Project Server & Resolve Cloud Projects
  • Understand Shared Projects and Shared Timelines in DaVinci Resolve
  • Learn how DaVinci Resolve works with Shared Storage
  • Configure Blackmagic Cloud Store, Cloud Store Mini, and Cloud Pod
  • Learn about Proxies, Optimized Media, and Archival
  • Discuss VPN and cloud options for DaVinci Resolve
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems on Blackmagic systems
  • Configure Blackmagic’s color, editorial, and audio panels


This class is designed for: Support and maintenance personnel. IT professionals. Blackmagic/Resolve editors who wish to expand their technical expertise.


Completion of DaVinci Resolve Essentials (DR101) or equivalent experience. A working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Experience in video production or post-production is recommended.

DaVinci Resolve Post Production (2021)

This is our annual checkup with the Blackmagic team- DaVinci Resolve Product Specialist, Shawn Carlson will be joining me shortly to go over a few of the 200 new improvements- wait. 200 net new improvements!? Wow.. that have been added to DaVinci Resolve 17, released back in November of 2020. We’re focusing primarily on new features for Editors today- but colorists, don’t run away yet. During our live Q&A- Shawn Carlson will provide able to answer all your questions in real-time.

Steve McKenna from SNS will also be joining us to discuss Improving DaVinci Resolve Workflows for Media Teams. We’ll put our video engineer hat on in this segment and look at the tech considerations your team should consider when adopting Resolve for collaborative teams.


What’s New In Resolve 17?

Before we get started, let’s take a look at the latest features added to DaVinci Resolve 17.

  • MultiCam Groups – You can now sync clips on the timeline and convert them to a multicam group
  • Proxy Workflow - New proxy workflows dramatically improve performance and make it easy to move projects between systems.
  • Edit Page Improvements- the above-mentioned New proxy workflows dramatically improve performance and make it easy to move projects between systems.
  • Sharing - Timeline and bin files are easy to share and small enough to email. Removing the need to export full projects.
  • There are over 100 new features, and 200 improvements in Resolve 17 – Including updates to HDR grading, Fairlight, Fusion, and much more. Take a look at the Blackmagic Design website to see all the new features.


Why is Key Code Media Discussing DaVinci Resolve?

  • For over 20 years, Key Code Media has been installing for broadcast, tv & cinema, collaborative video teams equipment and systems solutions that work.
  • We have been the preferred dealer and systems integrator for installing and supporting large-and-small Resolve collaborative teams- with edit, color & audio suites, shared storage, and ingest-to-delivery solutions.
  • Our success in designing, installing, and supporting post production systems comes from our eclectic and experienced team that successfully installs a broad range of audiovisual, broadcast, and post-production equipment solutions.
  • Combined that with our 24/7 KTC after-market support plans and certified training, your team has everything it needs to implement your ideal system with ease.
  • Lastly, Key Code Education provides industry-recognized certification. If you work for a qualifying media company, your staff can receive free training with our ETP program. We offer a variety of classes covering DaVinci Resolve, and more! Check out our full class offerings on our website.

Next Steps

Collaborate Better! Sharing Avid, Adobe, Autodesk, Resolve Projects Across The Team


Production teams no longer use just a single tool to tell a story. Graphic artist may need to work in Autodesk, Colorist have their favorite settings in DaVinci Resolve and Editors might be split between Premiere Pro and Media Composer. You need a strategy to get all these teams, projects and files organized in a way that enhances collaboration and sharing.

In this episode of Broadcast2Post, we’re diving deep into best practices for enhancing collaboration and sharing using the most popular creative video tools in a cohesive workflow. First, Jeff is going to dive into the ground rules of configuration. Second, we’re inviting our technology partners to demonstrate a few collaboration tools to consider. Then we’ll end the show with a panel discussion of post production customers and industry experts answering your questions live.


If you're looking to setup a collaborative editing workflow for your facility- look no further! Our engineers are standing by to give you a free evaluation of the equipment you'll need to be successful. Contact us for details!

DaVinci Resolve Post Production (2020)

Live Stream | Thursday (7/16) | 10 AM PDT/1 PM ET

In this INPUTS/OUTPUTS, we’re inviting Blackmagic Design to demonstrate What's New in DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci Resolve 16 includes everything professional editors need to cut blockbuster films, television shows, and commercials. It’s perfect for both offline and online editing. The high performance playback engine makes editing and trimming incredibly fast, even for processor intensive formats such as H.264 and RAW.

Fairlight enhanced audio editing, Fusion VFX graphics & effects, and the legendary Color tools are packed with new enhancements, all in a single application.

Contact us if you'd like to learn more about professional DaVinci Resolve equipment solutions.

Key Code Media Presents: Broadcast2Post Web Series

DECEMBER 2019: SNS | Premiere Edit, Resolve Finish Roundtrip Workflow

How is your team organized to collaborate on editorial? Are you looking to efficiently roundtrip Premiere Pro for post production, and DaVinci Resolve for color grading and finishing?

This month, Key Code Media’s Broadcast2Post Web Series is inviting SNS (Studio Network Solutions) to demonstrate how post production facilities can better collaborate with multiple editors, motion artists, designers, producers and other team members through roundtrip Premiere Pro to Da Vinci Resolve color grading.

We’ll cover the basics of exporting AAF or XML from Premiere Pro to DaVinci Resolve. Then, we’ll show how you can take collaboration with these two NLE’s to the next level. Create a searchable, organized database of our media so you always know how to find the right shot. Improve metadata management in Premiere and DaVinci projects, saving time with easy-to-use automation. See a real-world example of how Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve can be leveraged in your production facility to create more flexibility and efficiencies.

**A link to the webinar will be provided 5-days prior to the event via email. Register now to attend!

SNS SHAREBROWSER ShareBrowser enables your users to organize and search for media and projects across EVO storage as well as local, offline, and other SAN/NAS network disks. Assets can be catalogued, tagged, and commented, so everyone on the team can easily find, preview, and share media and projects. ShareBrowser is perfect for post-production teams that collaborate around a shared storage workflow, giving everyone a central, searchable database. ShareBrowser shows you your storage workspaces in one spot — including cloud services like Dropbox, Hightail, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

SNS EVO SHARED STORAGE SAN+NAS The SNS EVO shared project/media storage server is a beautiful blend of simplicity and performance, with just the right options to make it perfect for your collaborative workgroups. EVO includes easy-to-use project and media management apps, plus 6K-ready performance and scalability for production teams of any size.


Contact us. Key Code Media is the preferred post production reseller/system integrator, with certified technicians and sales staff available to help walk you through a successful facility, flypack, and post production solution.

DaVinci Resolve Post Production

Now On Demand

Blackmagic Design product specialist, Shawn Carlson, digs deep into how DaVinci Resolve 15 can transform your team’s post-production workflow, including editing, color grading, VFX and audio post.

DEMO PRODUCTS: DaVinci Resolve 15 DaVinci Resolve 15 combines professional offline and online editing, color correction, audio post production and visual effects all in one software tool. You get unlimited creative flexibility because DaVinci Resolve 15 makes it easy for individual artists to explore different toolsets. It also lets you collaborate and bring people with different creative talents together. With a single click, you can instantly move between editing, color, effects, and audio. Plus, you never have to export or translate files between separate software tools because, with DaVinci Resolve 15, everything is in the same software application.

SNS Evo - DaVinci Resolve Shared Storage  SNS will demonstrate how post-production facilities can better integrate DaVinci Resolve into their workflow, including collaboration with multiple editors, motion artists, designers, producers and other team members. Create a searchable, organized database of our media so you always know how to find the right shot. Improve metadata management in DaVinci Resolve projects, saving time with easy-to-use automation.

Key Code Education, a production training division of Key Code Media, today announced its partnership with the Blackmagic Design Training & Certification program. Blackmagic Design certified training teaches the skills needed to be more creative, work faster and get the job done. Classroom Training will be offered at Key Code Education’s Los Angeles facility, helping anyone become a DaVinci Resolve certified video editor, colorist or sound editor.

The training and certification program is designed for single users that want to become certified professionals, teachers that would like to teach the courses, and institutions that would like offer the curriculum to their students.

“Key Code Education is excited to help expand our certified class offerings to the Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve community. Our school is hyper focused on offering curriculum that helps our students get well-paying jobs in video and audio production industry. DaVinci Resolve is quickly becoming the go-to software for editing, color grading, and finishing,” commented Jonathan Amayo (Chief Academic Officer, Key Code Education).

The following five courses and certifications are available for DaVinci Resolve 15.

If you’re interested in learning more about Key Code Education courses, contact us.


At Key Code Education, we aim to shape the entertainment professionals of tomorrow by fostering an educational experience rooted in collaboration and innovation. We seek to inspire students to excellence in a project-oriented learning environment designed to unleash the imagination and bring creative ideas to fruition under the mentorship of industry professionals. At the crossroads of art and commerce, we wish to train our students to think like entrepreneurs.

We challenge them to embrace the rapidly changing technological landscape that shapes the future of entertainment. We ask them to think critically, solve problems, and deliver their ideas to the world with integrity using available social and digital platforms. We celebrate freedom of thought while nurturing the confidence required in expression.

DR101 DaVinci Resolve Essentials Overview

This class covers high speed editing on the revolutionary new cut page, which is designed for fast turn around work. You’ll also learn how to use the traditional edit page for more sophisticated projects, along with DaVinci Resolve’s legendary color correction, Fusion VFX and Fairlight audio tools so you can start creating your own Hollywood caliber film and video today.


This class is designed for both beginners and professionals. Beginners will find clear and concise lessons to get your up and running quickly. If you’re a professional switching from another system, you’ll find lessons that cover everything from keyboard mapping to detailed editing and trimming.


Upon completion of this class, students will be able to: 
  • Learn how to set up projects, import media and use metadata to speed up your work. 
  • Mark selections, edit clips in the timeline, and use context sensitive trimming. 
  • Work with titles, add effects, and animate with keyframes. 
  • How to retime clips, add transitions, stabilize shots and animate photos. 
  • Primary and secondary corrections using Resolve’s legendary color tools. 
  • Match shots, use color management, create looks, grade multiple clips. 
  • Use PowerWindows, track objects in a shot, use curves and add ResolveFX. 
  • Audio sweetening and mixing using the new Fairlight audio tools. 
  • Deliver projects to a variety of formats. 
  • Plus dozens of tips and tricks throughout the book that will transform how you work.


No prior experience needed. A working knowledge of Macintosh operating systems.

Certification Available

Completion of this class unlocks the DaVinci Resolve Certified User exam.

DR201 DaVinci Resolve Editing and Finishing Overview

In this three-day class, you'll get a thorough overview of the interface, tools, features, and production flow for DaVinci Resolve. Students will understand how to balance, create continuity and develop styles and looks which bring mood and tone to moving images and the storyline. Using hands-on lessons, you’ll learn the techniques used by professionals when cutting drama, documentary, music videos and action scenes. You’ll also learn to build eye-catching composites and visual effects in both the Edit Page and the new Fusion page, before learning how best to mix your audio in the Fairlight page and delivering your final film for digital cinema, broadcast TV or streaming services such as Netflix.


This class is designed for: Editors - Assistant Editors - Multimedia Producers - Cinematographers


Upon completion of this class, students will be able to: 
  • Choosing configuration and project settings 
  • Conforming a project in Resolve 
  • Round-tripping a project from Avid or Final Cut to DaVinci Resolve and back again 
  • Automatic Multi-point Tracker: Use this powerful motion tracker to quickly track objects with Power Windows: this allows the user to have a window track a feature in the frame, and auto-scale, auto-rotate and automatically change shape over time to adjust to the object 
  • Gallery Stills: Learn how to take "still" snapshots of images in the timeline to compare when matching different shots in scene to scene color correction 
  • Use stills to save and later re-apply color correction from one shot to another 
  • PTZR: Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Rotate 
  • Explore how to use sizing information in Resolve that was created in Avid or Final Cut 
  • Explore how to resize an image directly in Resolve 
  • Scene to scene color correction techniques to apply or append the correction from one shot to another
  • Introduction to working with a physical control surface to operate the features of Resolve
  • Rendering media for different workflows


DR101 experience or equivalent. A working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh or operating systems.

Certification Available

Completion of this class unlocks the DaVinci Resolve Certified Editor exam.

DR210 DaVinci Resolve Advanced Color Grading Overview

DaVinci Resolve is an industry-standard editing, compositing, audio mixing and color grading software that gives you total control over the final delivery of your project. This class takes you through a series of practical projects in which you learn a wide variety of workflows, effects and tools necessary to perform professional-level coloring work. Students will learn the foundations of contrast and color balance and quickly begin to explore that many professional features Resolve has to offer in the post production color workflow.


This class is designed for: Colorists - Editors - Assistant Editors - Multimedia Producers - Cinematographers


Upon completion of this class, students will be able to: 
  • Working in a "node" based color grading system
  • Understanding how to work with nodes, the importance and value of using multiple nodes, controlling node order, and using nodes to work efficiently
  • Using "primary" color correction features to re-balance contrast and color and saturation of the image
  • Using the built-in video scopes including the Waveform, Vectorscope and Parade to evaluate the image
  • Enabling Color Management to remap video color gamuts 
  • Analyzing and color correcting images with the help of scopes 
  • Normalization, balancing and matching footage in preparation for creative grading 
  • Primary and secondary grading tool operations 
  • Node-based compositing with the help of mixer and key nodes 
  • Managing and copying grades with the help of stills, versions and ColorTrace 
  • Navigating the Fusion page and creating composites in the Resolve workflow 
  • Application of OpenFX to repair, enhance and stylize media 
  • The classic grading workflow and its translation to the Groups feature 
  • Render cache and delivery settings for optimal quality


The following are highly recommended: DR101 completion or equivalent experience. 

Certification Available

Completion of this class unlocks the DaVinci Resolve Certified Colorist exam.

PR250 Adobe Premiere Pro for Experienced Editors Overview

This class goes over everything in the PR101 but in a fast-paced learning environment for experienced editors looking to expand their skillset to include Adobe Premiere Pro. The PR250 takes your existing skills in editing and translates them into the Adobe Premiere Pro interface. Learn how easy it is to transfer your knowledge as well as learn new skills unique to Premiere such as motion graphics, titling, effects, shared projects, and more. 


This class is designed for: Editors experienced in Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, or similar


Upon completion of this class, students will be able to: 
  • Introduction to the interface, workspaces, projects
  • Learn to import media 
  • Customize the interface 
  • Working with transitions 
  • Discover editing techniques 
  • Control effects 
  • Learn to correct color 
  • Create titles 
  • Work with audio 
  • Learn to render and export


A background as an editor, assistant editor, director, or producer is strongly recommended.

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Purchase AV, Broadcast, and Production equipment from a dealer that cares about your success. With 300 reseller partnerships, we can be a true ally for your procurement needs.


Professional & technical services- including consult, design, systems integration and aftermarket equipment support. Completing over 700 projects a year, our certified engineer team is the best in the business.


Online, Onsite, Classroom training resources insures your team can optimize performance in the workplace. Key Code Education has a training facility located in Burbank, CA and is a Certified Learning Partner Center.


Key Code Media is the preferred resource for audiovisual equipment, installation, and aftermarket support. We approach complex projects with a high-touch customer service focus, ensuring equipment is delivered, installed, and adopted by a customer successfully. Our solutions include: A/V (Conference Rooms, Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Video Walls, Collaborative Offices, City Council Chambers), Broadcast (Comm Systems, Flypacks, OB Truck, and Control Rooms), Production (Audio Suites, Video Edit Suites, and Networking). 

We focus on your vision and business needs, deploying solutions that work today and into the future, keeping you ahead of technology. C7 & C10 #1010561

“Key Code Media takes a different approach, providing customers a high-touch service experience, making sure even after the equipment gets installed, it works properly and the customer's team can successfully use it. It’s a huge differentiator.”

– Mike Cavanagh
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Audiovisual Equipment Design, Install, Integration, Support


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Key Code Media Industry News and Events

Key Code Media will keep you up-to-date with the latest AV, Broadcast, and Post Production equipment announcements, industry events, and video tutorials.

Post Production Workflow: Hybrid Teams and Management

Post Production Workflow: Hybrid Teams and Management

In this blog and podcast discussion, the Key Code Media team reviews the landscape for creative video editing and finishing workflow products currently used to build or upgrade post production workflows. When I think of the state of Post Production, I can’t help but...

Key Code Media Acquires Access A/V

Key Code Media Acquires Access A/V

Key Code Media Acquires Access A/V New England-Based Systems Integrator Joins Growing Integrator Broadcast, post-production, and audiovisual systems integrator Key Code Media agreed to acquire New England-based professional video and audio systems integrator Access...

Action Required: HP ZCentral / Remote Boost Users

Action Required: HP ZCentral / Remote Boost Users

HP recently made a significant announcement about the HP Z Central / Remote Boost / RGS product that requires your attention. In January 2023, HP Z Central users will be charged a yearly subscription- starting at $120 per license. This potentially can disrupt teams...

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