Bin Locking Now Available For Remote Editing

Bin Locking Now Available For Remote Editing

In laymen’s terms, Bin Locking in post production is essentially a video editor telling his co-collaborators, “Hey, I’m working on this section. Don’t change it until I’m finished… ok, I’m now finished.” It is useful in that it allows multiple editors and assistants to collaborate on projects on a shared storage environment, without overwriting each other’s files and creating duplicate content.

Bin Locking has been the key feature for Avid Media Composer and Nexis for years, and recently Adobe created their own ‘Project locking’ in the Adobe Productions for Premiere Pro release.

So, how does this relate to remote editing? When the pandemic began, many television and film post production facilities panicked- rushing to get editors to work from home. Facilities generally went with 3-4 remote post production paths- which we already covered in a separate blog.

The fastest to implement of these remote post production paths did not include “Bin Locking” as a feature- so editors at home are creating duplicate bins, duplicate work, and spending lots of time managing a process that we had fixed decades ago- fighting with dropboxes, and dragging bins and projects back and forth-  up and down.

A Bin Locking Path Forward – StorageDNA Fabric

The smart engineering team over at StorageDNA saw that facilities that were rushing to work from home, we’re lacking a path forward for Project and Bin Locking.

StorageDNA DNAFabric was released at NAB 2019 and has been battle-tested by some of the largest post production facilities over this past year. DNAFabric is a management layer placed over all of your shared storage, asset management, local systems, cloud storage, and hard drives. With full access to all of your production layers, it can provide a facility detailed analytics on storage performance, capacity, and productivity of your video editors.

The latest release includes “Remote Shared Workspaces“- a new ‘Bin Locking’ remote workflow for Facility systems, which will allow all your editors at home to work on collaborative projects as if they were at the facility. This means, even if your editors took home a hard drive of media and projects- that editors media is still tracked over an internet connection- and provides other remote editors real-time awareness of what projects and are locked or open, and shows a view of what media is where.

This also means when the day comes for editors to return to the facility- the facility engineering has a greater ability to link media that was created from what was taken home with the same assets that are already on the shared storage volume.

DNAFabric is even compatible with all versions of your favorite non-linear editing software- Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Final Cut Pro.

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Next Steps – Contact Us

If Bin Locking Remotely is something you’re seriously considering, contact us. We’ll be happy to jump on a call and help your team assess the best remote post production option for your facility.