Navigating A Career in Professional Editing: Insights from Industry Veterans


At the Avid Media Composer edition of Editors Lounge, creative professionals came together to share advice. Embarking on a journey through the world of video editing, three seasoned editors—Randy Magalski, Michael Lynn Deis, and Lauren Carr—shared their origin stories, insights on skills, reflections on the evolving craft, and perspectives on Avid products and the impact […]

Top Features in Avid Media Composer 2023

Avid Media Composer header image.

Avid Media Composer 2023 – Unveiling a New Era in Video Editing Innovation In the midst of pivotal corporate shifts, including the acquisition by private equity STG and the departure of CEO Jeff Rosica, Avid Technology has quietly revolutionized the landscape of professional video editing. The recent release of Avid Media Composer 2023 brings forth […]

SMPTE 2110 For Live Production | Unveiling The Future of Broadcast

SMPTE 2110 For Live Production The recent Broadcast2Post podcast, presented by Key Code Media, was a deep dive into SMPTE 2110 and its critical role in live production. Here’s a concise recap of the key takeaways.   The Key Code Media team has dedicated the past several months to assisting major TV stations in upgrading from baseband to the […]

SMPTE 2110 For Live Production | Unveiling The Future of Broadcast

SMPTE 2110 For Live Production

Join us for another insightful episode of Broadcast2Post, presented by Key Code Media, as we delve into the dynamic world of SMPTE ST 2110 and its pivotal role in live production. We’re assembling a panel of SMPTE ST 2110 experts to address the pressing challenges faced by teams venturing into IP-based workflows. In this interactive […]

Security For Media Facilities

Security For Media Facilities Broadcast2Post Podcast | VOD & Recap Blog Managing security systems might not have been your area of expertise, but in today’s media landscape, it’s an indispensable aspect of any facility dealing with valuable content. Are you prepared to tackle the challenge of establishing robust content and physical security systems to ensure […]

Mastering A.I. For Adobe Creative Professionals

Podcast & Explainer Video In this blog, we’ll provide a quick explainer on the “Top A.I. Tools” to assist creative professionals in doing amazing work. The second half will be a live podcast interview with the Adobe team on the capabilities, ethics, business decisions, and future implications of A.I. tools for Post Production teams. Why […]

PostNAB 2023: Must-Watch Sessions On-Demand for Media Professionals | Explore the Latest Trends and Insights

  1) Building An In-House Studio: Improving Communication For Everyone In this session, Matt Hilton, along with Jeff Sengpiehl, John Rutherford, and Kelly, shares insights on building the Kentucky Bureau Studio. They explore the business case behind establishing a dedicated studio, their equipment selection process, and their future programming goals. Watch as they discuss improving […]

Migrating Baseband-To-IP Video Production

Embarking on the transition from SDI Baseband to IP infrastructure in broadcasting can be overwhelming. But fear not! Our Broadcast2Post podcast episode, “Migrating Baseband To IP: SMPTE, NDI, Dante, and More,” is here to help. In the television industry, SDI Baseband technology has served us well with its routers, coax cables, and BNC connectors. However, […]

OTT Live Streaming | Live, On-Demand, Internal, External Video

Live streaming has taken the world by storm, offering a unique opportunity to connect with audiences in real-time. However, the process of delivering high-quality live video content can be complex and challenging. To shed light on this topic, we recently had the pleasure of speaking with Don Kianian (Product Marketing Manager, Sherpa), an industry expert […]

The World Cup Qatar: A Record-Breaking Event for Live Production

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar was a massive undertaking for production companies involved in broadcasting and news coverage of the games. Magnum Digital Solutions, a equipment logistics, and integration company based in Mexico, was one of the companies that supported the event. In a recent interview, David Camacho, COO at Magnum, shared a behind-the-scenes […]